Mobile phones is boon or bane

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It is a thing which has helped us very much. We can do so much with it such as messaging, calling someone, internet, etc, etc. We couldn't imagine a day without phone, so what is a life! With the new technologies, our life has become very easy, but sometimes me might misuse them. We might keep using it for long which is not very good. It can spoil our eyes. Mobile phones are very useful. We can do the things that we couldn't do then with ease.


We can download apps, such as dictionaries, translation apps, maps, google, we can find any answer very easily, etc. These things have such a good impact o us and we should be grateful to the people who have made such great technologies. Since , children have become less able to produce unique and unusual ideas. They are also less humorous, less imaginative and less able to elaborate on ideas.

Boon or bane the usage of mobile phone for students?

In such circumstances it is up to them how they handle the situation. It is them who make the choice, either they go with the flow and be a part of the crowd or think wisely and deal with the situation prioritizing their health, school, and family. Technology has given us a choice of life to live for technology, which always comes with two options, use or abuse. Using leads to success and abusing follows the destruction. Most of all, if you have small children at home, from now, teach them about the shortcomings of using cell phones and do not equip them with them when they are still young and unable to be responsible.

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A Speech on Mobile Phones: Boon or Bane! – Bejoy Peter's Public Speaking ® Blog

The long hours people spend on mobile phones certainly steal from quality time you can spend at work, with family and friends. In other words mobile phones are a distraction preventing you from sharply focusing on your task ahead. Secondly, people do use mobile phones to engage in secretive relationships.

It is used to violate private spaces including the sacred marriage relationship. Somehow Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps have given a sense of ease and a false sense of freedom to people to engage in clandestine relationships. This has destroyed many families. Children are growing up seeing their parents spend long hours chatting with strangers neglecting their family responsibilities.

Of course, you might call me outdated when I say so. But I prefer to be labelled than to stop saying the truth. Let me repeat again, this is a dangerous aspect of mobile phones. Whether radiation is causing harm or not is still debated.

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But today we find people engaging with their mobiles with heads bowed down. There are people who injure their necks and back and wrists and eyes and ears because of long use of mobile phones.

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How can I fail to point out the great number of accidents caused by people using mobile phones while driving. Finally, what about the market influence of mobiles? Why is there such flashy media hype about new mobiles arriving at the market? It is amazing to see how people get so choosy and obsessed with gadgets. Mobiles beyond their functionality and variety of uses often becomes a style statement.

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Let me once again note the four words related to the negative influences of mobiles: Distraction, Demolition, Destruction and Display.