Shoot many robots for android

You take control of P. When the abandoned factory in the distance begins producing robots on its own, Walter sets off in his RV on a robot-killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of robot hordes.

Shoot Many Robots available now on Android, coming soon to iOS

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Shoot Many Robots for Android now Available

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‘Shoot Many Robots’ Hits Android, Coming To iOS Soon-ish – TouchArcade

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Latest tweets from demiurgestudios. Pre-register to be a… T. You and I get stuck playing mindless junk like this.

It's not like developer Demiurge aimed low. There's plenty of potential in a lighthearted shooter inspired by old-school action games, especially when it's as flashy and full of content as this. The great ideas involved in Shoot Many Robots are easy to see, just not quite as clear as the anchors holding them back. It's too bad Shoot Many Robots blows its potential. There would have been a lot here to love if it didn't collapse under the weight of one mindless idea..

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The most identifiable problem is the controls. Aiming and moving are both tied to the left stick, rather than split between the left and right. This makes running and gunning easy if you're looking forward, but aiming in a particular direction means you need to stop. Even stranger, you need to hold another button to aim.

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It's like playing old-school Resident Evil in 2D. Walk, stop, aim, fire. In an action game about shooting many robots, why should we have to fight the controls?

Shoot Many Robots Android Game Gameplay [Game For Kids]

They're the core means of surviving wave after wave of predictable bad guys. Not that twin-stick controls would alleviate the deeper issues at work here. Shoot Many Robots is as repetitive as games come. The endless waves of mostly unchanging enemies and recycled stages are a heavier burden than a good first impression can bear.

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Running right, stopping to shoot, and repeating for eight hours is hardly what I'd call a good time, never mind doing it all again on a harder difficulty. Co-op can't salvage Shoot Many Robots, either. Yes, it's more enjoyable to share the innate fun of causing carnage with your pals, but it's a chaotic mess.