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Sun, 20 Jan Thu, 19 Nov Website Speed Analysis Header Size: DZ Server Country Name: Algeria Server City Name: Server Region Name: Server Zip Code: Server Latitude: Network IP Calcualtor Address Alternative Domain Spelling deuane. Indeed, in said transmission,. Central administration did not proceed to the tariff classification of the product object of the application.


Intelligence and this, due to failures in the transmission of the model. In terms of background, and in the last paragraph of that shipment has headquarters. Regarding the product under review, and after the PV expertise and prospectus. Product included in the file, it is designed to process and guarantee the continuity and accurately. Its method of operation is to draw air from the operating room for the reject there.

In these circumstances, and even if the said device performs the function of. Therefore, the tariff heading Pursuant to the Note VI of tariff heading Also, it is stated that the latter consist essentially of containers, cupboards or. Page 48 Page This position also covers appliances and devices , usually small. It follows that to be classified in this heading, the machine or. However, and as mentioned above, "the operating room sterilizer" under review,. Therefore, it is easy to exclude from the position. As a device for providing two or more different functions the.

Further, are classified according to the principal function that characterizes the whole. Indeed, taking into account the mode of operation which consists in sucking air. Under the Note II-B of tariff heading In these circumstances, and taking into account its format and its mode. Therefore, it is to be excluded from tariff heading Page 49 Page Radiator designed for heating, designed to be wall mounted. Examination of the file including the prospectus attached as well as the expert report.

It consists of the following: The question is whether the radiator is properly classified under. Thus, it should be emphasized that the general interpretative rules of the HS pose. Page 50 Page The examination object radiator is constituted by three parts of different materials. Thus, and the fact that three tariff According to the provisions of GIR 3-b , the classification of goods must be.

The factor which determines essential character varies according to the kind of. It can, for example, out of the nature of the material or. As described above, the radiator in question consists of three parts: Since the portion made of glass having only an aesthetic function and. Also, the part made of aluminum plays a role in supporting the copper pipe. For this purpose, the part or the most important matters in the use of said radiator being.

From the above, the examination object radiator is to be classified under tariff heading. Therefore, the opinion of the CD is shared.

Le Tarif Douanier passe a la codification a dix chiffres

Glass Stash. Aluminum Plates. T ube copper. Page 51 Page The examination of the dossier submitted and the attached data sheet, emphasizes that this. It consists of the following ingredients: This product is intended for use in the manufacture of cheese. The question is whether it is properly classified in subheading. Thus, it should be recalled that the classification of goods must be made on the basis. Page 52 Page Indeed, within the meaning of the Explanatory Notes to heading The starches of the present position are in the form of white powders,.

According to the attached data sheet on file, the product in question consists of several. Therefore, it can not. Such preparations based on starches , and under the exclusion Note a. In accordance with General Considerations Chapter 19, it. Flour, groats and meal of cereals, starch, flour, meal and fruit powders. It is also clarified that these various major components can be added. The preparations of this heading may constitute preparations.

Specifically, in sub heading Finally, it should be noted that the tariff heading Page 53 Page The file review including product specifications and sample. It consists of three layers of. The two outer layers consist of pieces of. The intermediate layer core. The two facades. The panel in question is intended for various applications, including the. Furniture shelf, outdoor furniture , for partitioning, etc. The question is whether this panel is properly classified under heading.

Page 54 Page These items can be presented assembled or unassembled,. Ils They. The terms millwork designate particular woodwork. It is clear from reading the Explanatory Notes to tariff heading But for this case, the examination of the subject shows no sign. It is, against, for use in various applications. Thereby said panel is to be excluded from the Molded board counter. In the Explanatory Notes to heading Similar cited in Page 55 Page The soul is then. This results in very rigid panels. In such panels, the wooden core is replaced by.

As described above, the review panel object perfectly meets. Therefore, and given its characteristics laminated panels use. General , the sign in question must be classified under tariff heading Finally, given that this panel is made of laminated wood batten soul, it is covered. Page 56 Page Examination of the file transmitted as well as the sealing sample, revealed that it is a. This tablet has a touch screen of seven 07 inches, a card slot. PC to speakers and microphone. It has an operating system and a set of installed applications and. It is equipped with an operating system android 4.

The device has the following functions: MMS e-mail, etc. The unit also works with other wireless communication protocols such. Page 57 Page Under Interpretative Rule 1 HS, which is the. GIR 6 determines, in turn, the classification within sub positions. As described above, the tablet under examination, provides. Thus, and in the case of a machine to perform two different functions, the. Note 3 of Section XVI, stating that "the machines designed to provide two or. Page 58 Page Page 59 Page CD - Algiers Exterior. Plate polycarbonate, corrugated. Thus, it should be noted that the tariff classification of goods must take place.

Under Note 11, paragraph b of Chapter 39, the tariff heading Structural elements used, for the manufacture of floors, walls, partitions,. Page 60 Page However, it is specified by the provisions of the same rating, the said tariff heading. As described above, the product under review, and even if it is intended to. Indeed, and the terms of the Explanatory Notes to heading The expression plates, sheets, film, foil and strip applies, according to Note Chapter 39, only to plates, sheets and strip and to the form of blocks.

Thus presented, the object plate of the review, and the fact that it is presented in. Given the above, the plate in question is to be excluded from tariff heading. Page 61 Page CD - Constantine. Spare vehicle engine turbocharger. The examination of the transmitted file, including the sample and the seal prospectus, highlights. Said part consists essentially: A - a turbine wheel connected to a compressor wheel with a shaft or axis. The turbine wheel is located on the exhaust side and is connected to the shaft by welding,. B - a central housing which supports the bearing of the mobile elements turbine wheel.

C - Internal parts bearing rings, axial abutment of the bearing, etc. Actuation of the turbine wheel, by the kinetic energy of the gas flow. The thus helped breathed engine, will accordingly. This part, which forms the rotating element of the turbocharger, is intended to be.

Full turbocharger. Page 62 Page Under the heading This type of turbine. Explanatory Note. As presented, the article in question does not constitute a gas turbine of heading By cons, it. Turbocharger the Therefore, its classification to under heading In these circumstances, and in the case of a paper presented at the incomplete state, its.

It also covers the full article. This Rule expands the scope of heading which refers to a particular article. Page 63 Page As described above, the examination of the subject article is a helpless turbocharger. The two missing pieces. To this end, the article in question constitutes the main body of a turbocharger, and. Therefore, to consider presenting in the state the essential features of a. From the above, the article in question falls under the tariff heading Specifically, under the heading Page 64 Page Social Security Card "Card chifa".

A plastic card, measuring The chip of this card comprising, embedded in the mass, several integrated circuits. It allows payers obtaining. In accordance with Note 4-b of Chapter 85 within the meaning of heading ROM in the form of chips. The examination of the object card being a smart card complying with the conditions of the. Note 4-b Chapter 85 referred to above, namely, is reproduced at In the new digit customs tariff, effective as of From the above, the map to the examination object chip is covered by subheading.

Page 65 Page Product called "PVC canvas. The fabric is completely coated on both sides of the plastic and. The question is whether this product is properly classified under heading. Under GIR 1 is the fundamental rule, the classification of goods. Chapters, and if necessary, when they are not contrary to such headings or. Page 66 Page According to this note, the No. From reading the paragraph a-3 in Note 2 to Chapter 59, it appears that the products. This exclusion is confirmed by the Explanatory Notes to tariff heading Also, General Consideration of Chapter 39 on "Plastics.

As shown, the product under examination is constituted by a fabric impregnated or. Therefore, this product does not meet the requirements laid down by Page 67 Page Note 10 of Chapter 39 states that "For the purposes of headings Since the object product of the review is presented in the form of tape sheet ,. PVC and the coating is visible to the naked eye, it is to be classified under tariff heading.

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GIR 1 HS. This position consists of two categories, namely: The cellular products;. Other products reinforced products, laminates, having a support or. According to General Considerations Chapter 39, the plastic foam is. It comprises the plastic spongy material. It can be either.

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The product under review does not meet this definition because it includes. Therefore, this product should be stored in the second category, the subheading a. Page 68 Page CD - Setif. Aluminum Wand for twinning of tiles. Examination of the file and the accompanying prospectus, emphasized that this is a.

It serves as a seal masonry and building construction. These rods are presented in various colors, shapes and sizes and. The question is whether this wand is correctly classified position. Page 69 Page It is also considered as the same products. To determine if those chopsticks are "prepared" for their use. Articles of the The Explanatory Notes to tariff heading From reading the Explanatory note, it follows that a product can be considered.

As presented, the chopsticks in question have undergone operations. They will be no subsequent operation. Consequently, and in light of the above evidence, the central government. To this end, these rods should be excluded from tariff heading Par By. Page 70 Page Telescopic cover pool for iron.

The review of the transmitted file, reveals that it is a set of elements. Des feuilles en polycarbonate transparentes,.

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  • Two other tariff lines are also possible for ranking. Page 71 Page The tariff classification of goods must be made on the basis of characteristics. Chapters , and if necessary , when they are not contrary to such headings or. Indeed, in the case of an article presented unassembled, all the elements. The article under review is a pool for coverage exceeding the simple tube. The Under the Note, indicated in paragraph b of the structural elements.

    This cover is a closed construction in metal frame with sheets. Since this cover has a strong and durable metal frame. GIR 3-b HS. From the above two tariff headings are to be considered in this ranking. Article namely Nos As such, the Explanatory Notes to tariff heading Page 72 Page The constructs of the present position can be equipped or not.

    However, only. Sinks, hoods, stoves, etc. Cabinets, cupboards, etc. It is clear from reading the above provisions of the prefabricated buildings. The article in question is a roof pool without floor and without walls. Metal constructions , even incomplete, and parts of structures. The constructions. These products are usually made of sheet metal,. Also, the wording of tariff heading Among these items face framing, roofing , etc. It follows therefore that the articles. Therefore, and because the subject coverage of the examination is to be used as.

    Roof pool and meets the definition of the constructions referred to in Thus, the roof for the examination object pool is to be classified in subheading. Page 73 Page L'examen du dossier transmis, notamment la notice de montage et le rapport. Page 74 Page De prime abord, il importe de rappeler que le classement tarifaire des marchandises. De ce fait, la sous position tarifaire Parmi les appareils de chauffage ou de refroidissement couverts par cette position. Explicatives de la position tarifaire Page 75 Page Page 76 Page L'examen du dossier transmis, notamment le prospectus joint, fait ressortir qu'il s'agit.

    Page 77 Page Chapitres, et au besoin, lorsqu'elles ne sont pas contraires aux termes desdites positions et. Autrement dit, les machines, appareils ou dispositifs auxiliaires qui ne participent pas. De plus, les Notes explicatives de la position tarifaire Page 78 Page Page 79 Page The so-called automotive "pick-up" belong to the category of vehicles.

    This type of vehicle is classified into two categories, those that are " primarily. Page 80 Page In conclusion , the tariff classification of such vehicles called "pick-up" must. Finally, it is important to recall once again that the referral to the Administration. Central, in relation to tariff classification, must be made for cases related. Indeed, it is the service manager to assume its responsibilities and take. Page 81 Page The review of the dossier, including the accompanying prospectus, emphasized that this. It consists turbojet,. This equipment is intended to convert the potential energy contained in a.

    The thrust.


    Page 82 Page The question is whether this device is properly classified under heading. Part of aircraft, as it was declared by the operator. From first glance, it is important to remember that the tariff classification of goods. Positions of this section dedicated to parts and accessories, even when they are. For example: Therefore, the classification of the turbojet, under review, the tariff position.

    Page 83 Page According to the Explanatory Note to These motors typically have the following members: In the most common types, the explosive mixture air-gas or air-fuel. In some cases particularly in engines. It appears from these provisions that the engines for aviation tariff heading. However, the engines for aviation are designed or modified to accommodate a propeller or.

    As described, the examination of the subject equipment does not meet the definition of. Cycle intake-compression-combustion-expansion-ejection. Therefore, its classification under tariff heading As for the under tariff heading But in this case it is indeed a jet engine and not a part of. So, tariff heading Under the terms of the Explanatory Notes to heading A turbojet engine comprises of a compressor-turbine group, a combustion system,.

    Administration de confiance

    The hot pressurized gas coming out of the turbine are transformed. The reaction of this. In the simplest turbojet engines, the compressor and the turbine are mounted on. Other more complex types consist of a compressor in which two bodies. Page 84 Page Most of the time,. This fan operates as a ducted propeller, the largest part of the flow. This kind of. Turbojets comprise an auxiliary device afterburner hereby. This device has its own.

    As shown and described above, the equipment in question perfectly meets the. Accordingly, it should be stored in No. Classification at the sub heading is to be determined according to. By " pushing " means the product, second, the mass of gas ejected by the. Explanatory notes Subheading Nos Page 85 Page The review of the dossier, including the User Manual and. Rechargeable, with a capacity of mAh, for starting a motor vehicle. This apparatus, which operates with 12 volts and 5 volts, comprises a LED lamp, two.

    It can also charge other compatible devices via its USB plug. GPS, etc.

    Les Douanes Ivoiriennes

    It is presented in a plastic box with cables to the. Page 86 Page Thus, it is necessary to remember that the tariff classification of goods must. As shown and described above, the product under review, fills simultaneously. Indeed, this article is: Overhaul boxes. To this effect, the tariff classification of the set must be determined. If this is the apparatus known as "booster" who. Also, and in the case of an apparatus consisting of a combination of machines.

    In this case, it is the accumulation of electric energy for its. Specific future. In addition to the converter elements valves of different types,. Their operation is ensured by. However, and as shown and described above, the device in question is intended to be used. This function. Page 87 Page According to the provisions of the Explanatory Notes to heading Electrochemical is reversible so that the battery can be recharged.

    They are used. Le passage The passage. Chemical reactions take place in opposite direction, thereby generating a DC. The charge-discharge cycle can be repeated. Under these conditions, the device in question is to be excluded from tariff heading XVI and 3-b of the HS. Since this unit is constituted by lithium-ion batteries, it. Page 88 Page Seals for fittings in the form of rings of different diameters.

    The review of the dossier, including the certificate of analysis No. They are intended to be used between two fittings brought dishes to ensure. The question is whether these joints are properly classified under. Page 89 Page The same Explanatory Notes state that to be included in the tariff heading. Thus, a pouch , envelope, box, etc. It turns out that the above provisions sets or assortments of gaskets position. As presented in question-rings, are provided in pouches containing.

    Thus, the classification of these seals of tariff heading The Explanatory Notes to heading However, and as stated in the analysis report attached to the file, in case the seals, and. Therefore, they are excluded from heading No. Pursuant to the Note B of tariff heading Chapitre 48 et qui ne sont pas exclus de celui-ci par la Note 2 de ce Chapitre. Page 90 Page Accordingly, the Regional Director of opinion is shared. Page 91 Page Digital cameras. The review of the dossier, including the joints prospectus reveals that.

    Said cameras have a viewfinder and plus remote controls and are. The question is whether these cameras are properly classified under. At first, it should be remembered that in accordance with the. Circular No. Page 92 Page According to the provisions of the same Explanatory Notes, the TV cameras can. These cameras do not include device. The digital cameras and camcorders, meanwhile,. Some digital cameras and. Camcorders have inputs for internal recording of image files.

    It is clear from reading these provisions as cameras. In other words, if the cameras are equipped with storage devices, they are. As a result, and the fact that cameras under review, are intended to. TV's No. Page 93 Page Cette sous position tarifaire a fait l'objet de subdivision dans le cadre de la.