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Men should wear a dress shoe or loafer. Same goes for hair and makeup.

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Remember, customers will be looking for you to offer fashion advice, and your interviewer will want to see that you have a sense of style that matches their image. A question that often comes up in regards to interviewing at companies with employee uniforms is whether or not candidates should adhere to the workplace dress code.

A black blazer layered over a simple top and paired with black slacks is another good option. Visit the store before your interview, so you know which products are featured on display. You can impress the interviewer if you have a working knowledge of the fit of their clothes and the accessories they carry. Remember the best accessory is a smile: Be friendly and outgoing during your interview so your interviewer knows you will interact in that way with customers, too.

Show the hiring manager that you'll be a good team member: The Employment History section of the application allows for freehand answers describing the duties of a previous job. Focus on customer service skills, the ability to work well as a team and passion for your job.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Although the conditions of you leaving may have been less than desirable, put a positive spin on your answer. If they asked you to leave because of failure to perform job duties, explain what you have done since to assure you will not encounter that problem again. There are two other sections of the application where you will be able to set yourself apart from other potential interviewees. In the Academic and Professional Activities and Achievements section, you should list awards, publications and professional societies to which you belong.

No matter how insignificant you think an award may be, list it anyway! The next section allows applicants to list any special skills that are applicable to the position for which they are applying. Ask to speak directly to the hiring manager. You will then be able to view any saved jobs and application statuses. Candidates looking to break into a career opportunity at ground level can expect great benefits, an employee discount and a supportive working environment. Typically minimum-wage positions , the entry-level jobs pay more to candidates with prior retail experience.


The sales associate is responsible for delivering exceptional customer service. If interested in this particular job, you may also consider filling out a Forever 21 application for a near-identical job title at a similar company. Customer service experience is very desirable among candidates for this position. Those with less experience can capitalize on a genuine desire provide the best customer service possible.

Entry-level candidates looking to work even more closely with customers may apply for the bra specialist position. Bra specialists are responsible for creating returning customers. If hired, your skills and expertise will keep your customers coming back and asking specifically for you. Ideal candidates will have a successful background in sales. Applicants must also have a demonstrated ability to work in a team atmosphere.

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Candidates must help their stores become synonymous will all things feminine and sexy. LYL candidates should be able to create long-term strategies designed to increase sales revenue. This position requires ensuring employee compliance with company policies and values. Creative candidates thrive in this position as they have the responsibility of creating compelling and memorable visual displays.

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Ideal candidates will have experience managing a high-volume retail outlet. Strong analytical skills and a flexible schedule will help ensure your interview spot. Managerial candidates who absolutely love working with customers should consider the customer experience manager position. Candidates will have a proven ability to delegate and excellent oral and written communication skills. Previous management experience is a must as this position requires employees to drive brand loyalty.

Victoria’s Secret & PINK Stores

Applicants bubbling with ideas should share those thoughts with the hiring manager during their interview. If the hiring manager is available, there is always the possibility of an on-the-spot interview. Skip the jeans and t-shirts and opt for a business-casual appearance.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Victoria's Secret

You should dress to impress every time you enter your potential place of employment. The image the store creates is unique yet welcoming. Before you go, rehearse answers to what makes you stand apart from the rest. Do you have extensive customer service experience? Have you gone against the grain and created a new social group or organization? Do you follow the latest bra and panties trends? As your interview winds to an end, ask the hiring manager for her card.

As soon as you get home, send your interviewer a thank-you email. Acknowledging the time she spent with you may quickly add you to the short list of desired candidates. Prior to any interview, it is important to research the history, values and missions of a company. This will allow you to ask intelligent questions of your interviewer.